Our network is spread through out in Cameroon in agribusiness sector


Partnering with Orient's Sugar and Industry S.A. for improved cultivation of Maize, Rice, Sugarcane, Cocoa, Stevia, Pepper (Chili) and soybean.


Developing a Sugar-Biofuel-bio fertilizer-co-generation-carbon dioxide bottling project with Orient's Sugar and Industry S.A. and raising capital up to 200 million US$. This project include cultivation of 14,000 ha of sugarcane development programme and 5000 TCD suggarcane crushing capacity Sugar complex having production capacity of 100,000 MT Sugar, 30 MW electricity and 50KLPD distillery.

















Establishing Biomass based power generation project.


Engaged with leading Cameroon-based Cocoa processing and exporting company for raising capital up to 500 Million US$.


Sarted tarding of Cocoa beans locally and exporting.


Cultivation of large scale Cocoa platation throuhout Cameroon.

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