The major purpose of the program is to build the capacity of technical, administative and research staff so that PGP will be able to deliver services to achieve objectives of th firm.


Following are the major strategic issues,


  1. Building good governace, Improving competency and dedication of technical and administartive staff.

  2. Enhancing capacity of research and community services.

  3. Enhancing capacity for improving & utilizing information & communication technology.

  4. Improving loyality, honesty and ethics of staff.

  5. Fcilitating & giving neccessary support to all capacity building activities conducted by valunteers.

  6. Coordinating technical support.

  7. Improving the skills of technical especially in laboratories, nursery, in handeling equipments and conducting experiments.

  8. Providing guidence to newly employed staff.

  9. Developing the skills of research staff, Organising, documenting and evaluating training activities.

  10. Provide training to farmers and comunities.