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1 - We prefer Power (gas-fired, hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, waste-to-energy, biomass, transmission lines etc), Transportation (roads, airports, seaports, railways, metro-transits etc) and Water (waste water treatment plants, desalination plants, water pipelines etc) infrastructure assets/projects. For clarification, coal-fired and nuclear power plants are not for us.


2 - We also prefer Agriculture based  projects for developing Sustainable Production and Climate Smart Agricultural systems


3 - We prefer mid-to-large scale projects, usually with our equity investment tag of over US$ 3M each (preferably much larger projects and with no upper limit).


4 - We prefer bankable PPA or concession agreements with the government agencies or credit-worthy non-government organizations and corporations for 20+ years with predictable revenue.


5 - We are open for PPP, BOT, BOOT, IPP, G2G and other models.


6 - We expect IRR in line with the local market depending on the size, location, nature of project and risk involved.


The above are our top priorities. However, together with our strategic partners, we may consider following opportunities on a case by case basis.


Cross-border Strategic Partnerships:

We will be happy to bring world-class foreign strategic partners (EPC contractors, engineers, technical consultants, project managers, operators etc) to partner with local developers and EPC contractors in the emerging markets to co-develop their projects or to pre-qualify for their upcoming projects.

We are also open to partner with reputable EPC contractors, O&M contractors and other strategic partners globally who would like to build and/or operate our upcoming projects globally, particularly in India, Africa and Latin America. Most of our projects have preliminary studies done and, for right projects, we plan to bring in most (if not all) of capital required, debt plus equity.


Other Opportunities:

We are open to look into other development and investment opportunities in the Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Equity (PE) sectors on a case by case basis.

In short, we are open for the cross-border collaborations together with strategic and financial partners in various industries globally.

We are also keen to provide, in conjunction with CMI , structured trade financing solutions for deals under Intra African Trade, merchant trading and African- Global markets exim.


We can also look into situations for :

- LC/SBLC based import/export credit lines

- Short term debt funds for trade expansions

- PE/ Mezzanine funds for capital structure optmisations

- Off -balance sheet CMA/SMA based structures for SME's

- Import/ Export financing lines under various situations

- Other Misc requirements based on case to case

Our sweet spot is between USD 3-80 m and can look at higher limits upto USD bn on merits of each case.