Proafin General Partners are a developer and advisors of small to large-scale renewable energy projects, biofuels projects and agriculture development projects in Africa. Our focus is on bioenergy and biofuel projects that produce low-carbon transportation fuels and electricity from sustainable biomass feedstock including sugarcane, cassava, maize and jatropha. The economic growth and prosperity of Africa is directly associated with energy availability, and today the majority of energy is imported, which dry out a country’s valuable foreign currency reserves. It is our strategy to work with our local African governments and private companies to utilise their abundant natural resources to produce renewable energy through sustainable agriculture development.



  1. Developing farming systems

  2. Produce renewable energy from local sustainable feedstock

  3. Create skilled and non-skilled employment opportunities at the operating plants, farms and factories

  4. Provide economic opportunities for small-scale farmers through significant out-grower schemes

  5. Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide

  6. Capital raising advisory

  7. Bringing more area under irrigation so can take production through out year.

  8. Research and development on Sugarcane – Developing high yielding verities and improving sugarcane production per hectare.

  9. Introducing cereal and root crops under cultivation.

  10. Development of livestock systems to produce more meat and milk.

  11. Research on crop intensity.

  12. Research and development of land productivity.

  13. Developing contract farming models.

  14. Research on soil health and its productivity.

  15. Research on bio-fertilizers.

  16. Increase Maize yield potential.

  17. Research on commodity trading including market access.

  18. Reduction of hunger and poverty.

  19. Research and development on Spices, medicinal and aromatic plants for high yield and its marketing.

  20. Research on childhood  nutrition and health.

  21. Research on fertigation to improve yields of grown crops.

  22.  Introduction of solar energy of producing electricity and solar pumps in agriculture development.

  23. Research and developing agro-processing industry – such as Maize, Cocoa, Soybean, Pepper, Sugar and bio-fuels.

  24. Introducing greenhouse technology for sustainable yield.

  25. Developing technologies in agriculture to increase far production.

  26. Involving and conducting parallel research and development programmes with agriculture institutes and government institutions, this can be achieved by involving agriculture graduates through apprenticeship programmes with our firm to exchange technology.