Our ongoing projects are in Kaduna, Banue, Adamawa, Ondo, Kano, Ogun, Bauchi, Kogi and Niger States.


Assisting credible Nigerian agri-business partners for developing Sugarcane, Rice, Maize, Cocoa, Casawa, Pepper, Banana, and Cashew farming.


Developing six Sugar-Biofuel-bio fertilizer-co-generation projects with local partner company and raising capital up to 3000 million US$. This projects includes development of over 180,000 ha of sugarcane development programme and establishing Sugar complexes of sugarcane crushing capacity of 12500 TCD, 50 MW electricity and over 90KLPD distillery on six possible sites.


Engaged with leading Nigeria-based Cashew processing and exporting company for raising capital up to 250 Million US$ and eshtablishing cashew processing factory. The project includes cultivation of 12,000 ha of Cashew nut plantation.


Trading of agirculture commodities like Sugar, Pepper, Cashewnut, Cocoa, Rice, Maize, etc.


Trading crude oil, charcol and fertilizers.