ORGANIC FARMING & Associatation with pranil agri services llp

In the world, the production of food is becoming more industrialized and directed only to profit, hence damaging food quality and health of living intities. Now a days we observe food is more processed, heavily sprayed with chemicals and genetically modified organisms are used in the food production on a large scale, which is a threat to living world. 


 We believe in concept that healthy organic food and produce are affordable in the world. We are more dedicated to use and advise farmers to use orgainc products in agriculture for healty and quality croop production. Organic farming referes to method of crop and livestock production that involves use of biological pesticides, biological insectisides, bio-fertilizers, biological nutrients,  biological growth promoters and biological growth regulators/hormones.


Our mission is to produce quality fresh food and assure health benefits. So our company with our associate company Parnil Agri Services LLP started initiative towards orginic farming. Pranil Agri Services LLP are our associate partner who supply us orgainc products and contribute to organic farming initatives not only in india but also in other parts of the world where Proafin developing large scale farms and promoting farmers to go for orgianic farming. We suggest farmers and agibussiness firms to contact Pranil Agri serivices for their products and services.

We say no to artificial additives, suppliments, genetically modified compounds and chemicals in crop production 

Pranil agri services llp india

Pranil Agri Services LLP is agri-input and agri services provider agribusiness company registered in Pune of Maharashtra State in India. Pranil Agri Services LLP are leaders in manufacturing and marketing of Biological Plant Growth Regulators (PGR), Plant Growth Nutrients (PGN), Bio-Insecticides, Bio-Pesticides and Bio-fertilizers. Also providing End to End Solutions to Fruit Crop such as Pomegranates Grapes, Mango and vegetable crops growers in Maharashtra. Folloing tried and tested biological product available.

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Video showing results of performance of Pranil Agri Services product ZOMA


The farmer has 400 pomagranate trees. Pranil Agri services advised to use product called ZOMA for fruit size improvement, fruit color and quality. The farmer feedback is very positive. Please do not hesitate to contact us for this products. Pranil have wide range of biological products availabe. Please click on link above to download our product manual in english version.